Rod Schellenberg

1. What do your enjoy about your role at Hepburn MB?
As a pastor, I’ve got a great seat for watching God at work in the lives of real people.  He heals, forgives and transforms all of us–and sometimes I get to be a part of what he’s doing.  I suppose I love my role for two reasons: Jesus and people.
2. What do you love about Jesus?
Jesus loves to bring life.  Our world has enough death and depression–the last thing it needs is more life-killing religion.  Jesus gives life where you wouldn’t expect it.  Really, I can’t help but be excited about Jesus.
3. What do you love about your family?
Playing catch with a football in the ocean.  Racing for the field guidebook after spotting a new bird in our backyard.  Laughing or crying together as we read aloud yet another story.  I love sharing life as a family–what a gift!
4. What do you love about being a part of Hepburn MB Church?
We’re not particularly smart or successful, polished or powerful.  Instead, we’re a relatively diverse group of real people who are together because of Jesus.  I like that.
5. What do you love about Saskatchewan?
The green.  It’s hard to explain to my friends and relatives from BC, but the green here is, well, greener.  (Note: I’m not a Riders’ fan yet.)  And the people.  There’s a beautiful humility built into the way of life in Saskatchewan.