Adult Group/Studies

For Women

YouVersion Bible Reading Plans – Download the app and then join a group studying a variety of topics/Bible verses.  Sing up on the sheet in the foyer or email the Church Office.

September 29-October 8 – The Unseen Hand of God in our LivesA study of the book of Esther which will help you see God’s fingerprints on your own life and reveal His goodness and faithfulness

October 11-15 – Walking Through Spiritual Valleys – Although we prefer mountaintop experiences, often it is in the spiritual valleys that our faith expands.  This reading plan gives insight to handling  spiritual bleak times with grace and hope and provides encouragement that God is still at work.

October 18-23 – Fruit of the Spirit – An overview of what the fruit of the spirit is and isn’t and a chance to consider each component by definition and in our own lives.

Get Out of Your Head: A study of Philippians – Sign up sheet in the foyer or email the Church Office

November 2- December 8 Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning (once a week) by Zoom.  This study inspires us and equips us to transform our emotions, outlook and even our circumstances by taking control of our thoughts using key Bible passages that instruct how this can be done.

Studies  – plans are in the works for the new year – stay tuned! (January 2022)

For Men

7 Questions That Rattle in the Minds of Most Men – Mid October to November early morning and weekday evening (in person/Zoom)  Sing up sheet in foyer of email the Church Office.

Watch and discuss a short video about being a man who follows Jesus.

Bible/Book Studies – Stay tuned for new year option, including a book study of The Common Rule which explores 8 habits that can form us as we follow Jesus (January 2022)

For Everyone

Church 101 – Learn more about church and belonging at Hepburn MB, including baptism and member ship (Late October) – connect with Pastor Rod or Pastor Greg

The Sanctuary Course – An in-depth video course on Christian faith and Mental Health (February/March 2022) –  connect with Pastor Rod

For Couples

The Marriage Course – produced by Alpha, this video course is a fantastic way to strengthen any relationship (7 weeks starting in January 2022 in the evenings online by Zoom) – Connect with the Church Office

Small Groups

We experience transformation in Jesus most often through our relationships with one another. But it’s hard to know 150 people well. So, we encourage everyone to find a life group that fits their life. It could be a one-on-one mentoring relationship or a missional small group; a ministry team or a regular breakfast with a couple of guys. Whatever it is, be intentional. Find your life group.
Contact Pastor Rod to find your connection.