A “Living Community” cares for one another. We want to be people who bring life—the life we’ve found in Jesus—everywhere we go. We do this informally every day. We also do this in more structured ways, such as:

Prayer Chain: We believe that prayer makes a difference. So, when there’s a need, we share it with one another. Together, then, we pray. Contact the office at to get on the e-mail list or to share a request.

Caregivers Ministry: Our Caregivers team organizes some of the tangible helps we provide for our community, such as food hampers, meals for families experiencing illness, and so on. Contact our church office at to connect with our Caregivers team.

Small Groups: 

Life with Jesus is meant to be done together.  Our core practices, for example, are things we do with others.  But it’s hard to do life with 150 other people.  That’s why we encourage everyone to find a small group that fits for them.

So, what’s a “small group”?

Any intentional group of 3-33 people that meets regularly.  This leaves the details of what your group looks like pretty wide open: a Saturday breakfast group of a few guys who meet once a month, a group of families who serve weekly at an urban ministry, a Friday supper community and prayer gathering, and so on.

Our hope is that all sorts of groups would spring up around our community.  To talk further about how you might get involved, connect with Pastor Rod.