Kelsie-Lynn Harms

  1.  What do your enjoy about your role at Hepburn MB?
    I love being able to help facilitate the opportunity for kids to experience and develop their faith in a fun and meaningful way, whether that be through worship, laughing at skits, events, small groups…etc. I love to tell stories, to have conversations with the kids and I love serving alongside our amazing team of staff and volunteers.
  2.  What do you love about Jesus?
    Jesus is a Redeemer. I love that He reaches down into our broken, messy, complicated lives sets us on the Rock, giving us a unshakable foundation, and then turns our lives into something more beautiful then we could have ever imagined. He is my Rescuer, my Redeemer, my constant friend.
  3.  What do you love about your family?
    I am blessed to be married to my best-friend, raising a three girls that fill our days with laughter, challenges, and joy. We love reading, Saturday morning brunch, camping and hanging out with family and friends.
  4. What do you love about being a part of Hepburn MB Church?
    Community- I love that in the good and in the tough we are group of people committed to living our faith and life together. I love that we are diverse in all aspects of life yet we can stand together in worship, in joy and in sorrow.
  5. What do you love about Saskatchewan?
    I love the sky – there is nowhere in the world I have been where the sky is like it is here. I love to watch the colors of dusk across a calm,clear lake, the vast blue that seems reach down to touch the earth, and the northern lights dance on a warm autumn night.