Christmas 2020 Volunteers

A Journey Through Christmas – A 30 minute drive thru family experience.

This year we are thinking outside the box and trying something new for our church Christmas celebration. We are going to work together to put on a drive through experience where families can come engage with a living nativity, and enjoy holiday lights and décor on December 11 & 12.  Combined with this we will be doing a food drive to support our local Christmas hampers & the Good Neighbours food bank.

Can’t quite visualize what we are talking about? Check out this video. What we are going to do will be different because well….snow, cold weather and covid guidelines… but we still think its going to be awesome!

We want you to be a part of this exciting project so take a look at the volunteer needs list and then let us know how you can help by emailing! We will get back to you with further details.  A list of supplies we need to borrow will be coming soon.

*We will be following all current covid gathering guidelines. 

Yard/light displays
We are looking for individuals/families who are willing to decorate their yards for the light tour. All you have to do is let us know that you will have your yard decorated and we will include your home on the light tour map.


  • Set Design
  • Set Construction – specific dates TBD.
  • Set up – Dec 10, 11, 12
  • Welcome package assembly – 2-3 people week of Dec 7.
  • Christmas Food Drive bag drop off to houses in town – week of Nov 30/Dec 1.
  • Costume prep

Market Place Booths
We’d like to create a interactive drive through Bethlehem “marketplace” with 5-6 booths (see video). We’d like a family or a extended household bubble to be responsible for each booth. We will supply the structure, lighting and costumes but would ask that you come up with a design and the props needed for you booth.  Your family would also be the actors for the 2 evenings. Take a look at our suggestion list and let us know which ones you’d like to do. We are happy to help source items too.

Booth Ideas:

  • Black Smith
  • Bakery/Grain booth
  • Food/spices
  • Carpenter
  • Livestock with live animals
  • Textiles
  • Fish monger
  • Butcher shop
  • Pottery
  • Candle maker
  • Tax collector/Census
  • Other awesome idea you have 🙂

December 11 & 12 Volunteers

  • Welcome/Check In Station – 3-4 people
    Greet cars, collect food bank donations, give out map & instructions
  • Station Actors (minimal or no lines involved).  Must be able to be involved both evenings. We’d like each group to be in the same bubble, extended household or school cohort. Costumes & sets will be provided.

Wise people -3-4 people
Roman soldiers – 2-3 people
Inn Keeper & family 1-5 people
Shepherds- 1-5 people
Angel choir – need to be able to sing. – 4-10 people.
Nativity – Mary, Joseph, shepherds, angels…etc. – 6-8 people.

  • Beverage Prep – 2-4 people
    Prep cups of apple cider in the kitchen during the evening. Masks & gloves required to meet covid guidelines. 

Props/Items Needed
Coming soon.